Dear all,

New Year greetings on behalf of the Board of Directors, Executives and staff of CHENNAI HOSPITALS. We extend our best wishes for the coming year. I hope you celebrated the start of 2019 in good spirits with family and friends. Now that we’re into the New Year, it’s good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us.

Perhaps, it is time for us to also take a look at how far we have come and how we have performed over the year as individuals, as a family and as an institution. Let me recollect the saying of the great philosopher Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. I believe, Socrates meant that there comes a time when one has to do some soul searching, introspection and self-examination of his life in order to face the challenges ahead. As an Organization, CHENNAI HOSPITALS needs to undertake such an exercise if we are to move forward to achieve our goals.

But we need to recognize that an organization, like a chain, is as strong as its weakest link. It is therefore important that we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective candidates who are currently been interviewed to be the staffs of CHENNAI HOSPITALS. Here is where the establishment of rules, regulations, protocols and best practices come in. I congratulate the HR department for establishing Key Performance Indicators, targets and other objectives to assist evaluation of the performance of staff, so as to enhance their performance.

But what you staff bring on board as individuals is very important. You all have God-given gifts and talents. And the best of you has not come out yet. I strongly believe that you have not yet surprised yourselves or challenged yourselves enough. In the coming year, I encourage you to make this a resolution. For I believe that by choosing to work for CHENNAI HOSPITALS, you made a commitment and believed that against the background of your training and qualification, you could achieve self-actualization in our work environment. You have your department, management and the protocols to help you to achieve this.

Here I would like to emphasize on our commitment to our patients once again. Our aim is to establish Chennai Hospitals as a front-runner in the healthcare sector.Our team of Doctors, Nurses and Staff take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns. And we will tirelessly look for answers until we find them. We are committed to providing the best care for every patient every day. That is our mission and our pledge to you as we work together.

The past year has had a significant impact on all of us, but I would like to thank you all for your significant support and dedication during these challenging times. The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I’m sure by working together, keeping focussed on our priorities and putting our customers first we can realise our ambitions. These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you to do the same.

Dr SVD Umashankar
Chairman & Managing Director